Assignment 8: Airbrush and liquify

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Assignment 8: Airbrush and liquify

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:50 pm

For this project will need to work with a portrait of a person - a close up of their face. You can use a photo you took, a picture of yourself, or an image from morguefile.

Duplicate the background layer (so I can see the original when you are done).
Using the clone stamp or healing brush, fix the skin problems, flyaway hairs, etc. You can also use the blending tools with a LIGHT touch, possibly over a separate layer, to tone down large pores. But don't make the skin look like plastic.
Using the liquify filter, reshape their facial structure. I know it's lots of fun to create freaks of nature with the liquify tool, but for this project I want the final image to be realistic looking.

I'll be checking these on your computers - you don't need to post them to the forum.

Grading: 3 points possible.

2 points: use of the liquify filter to change the facial structure in a realistic way
1 point: use of healing brush and clone stamp to airbrush skin imperfections in a way that looks natural.

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