Final Exam: due on day of finals

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Final Exam: due on day of finals

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:35 am

Post up three of your strongest pieces from the semester/year, that show a broad range of photography or photoshop skills.

For each work, discuss the quality and effectiveness of your artwork. This should be a paragraph long for each piece, and should be written in the style of an academic paper. Include:

1. What is the image intended to convey? (Artist's statement about the purpose of the piece)
2. Is the entire composition created with a sense of purpose? (Is the background contributing to the image, detracting from it, or neutral?)
3. Are the images in it all your own creative work?
4. Does it rely on cliches or are the concepts original?
5. How do colors, compositional decisions, props and techniques used convey meaning?
6. What creative techniques did you use?

Grading: 80% portfolio quality and range of skills
20% Self-critique

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Re: Final Exam: due on day of finals

Post  WilliamVA on Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:47 am


1.The phot is supposed to show how animals lives are a lot more simplistic. They donít think about small things as much as humans do and that is one of the reasons why they are a lot happier. Even though my cat has cancer, she does not know that. She enjoys everyday to the fullest without many worries.
2. Everything in the photo has purpose, the main focus of the picture is my friend being happy, and the background is her favorite place, outside.
3. Everything is my original work.
4. I felt like it wasnít very original but the picture means a lot to me and is very sentimental.
5. The colors are fading the photo, because my friendís illness could take her life any day and even though her life is ending, she still sees everything as fine and doesnít know that she is close to dying.
6. The techniques I used were macro photography and different contrast adjustments.


1.The photoís general mood is enthusiastic. Enthusiastic about a new day to come, that even when your morning starts off bad it can change for the better. When taking this photo I had had a terrible morning, but later after coming to school my day changed when my art teacher had asked to put my photo in the Evening of the Arts. I had already told myself that the day was going to be bad and to just push through it and maybe tomorrow would be better, but in the end changed.
2. The whole picture has purpose, not one thing is being focused on except for the beauty of the sunset.
3. Everything is my original work.
4. I felt like the photo was not all that original on its own, but with itís deeper meaning it is. Without knowing the meaning of it, most people would just think it is a pretty picture of a sunset. But I made took and edited this photo for artistic expression, and as much as Iíd like to explain it to everyone who sees it, I canít. Overall I don't think the photoís concept is all that original but itís story behind it is.
5. The colors show the darks at the bottom, slowly moving to some lighter colors. Like my days, Iíll wake up and have a bad morning which can later change to greatness.
6. The techniques used were a lot of changing of levels and healing brush to clear out specs and marks on the windshield, as this picture was taken in a moving car.


1.The image is conveying my passion. Music and friends. Simple, but a large part of my life is being with the people I love and playing music and I feel like this piece portrays it well.
2.The photo has purpose because it has people I love with their instruments, as we make music together. The microphones and wires may be unnecessary but that day we were recording and capture our moments together to listen to later so itís not completely out of place.
3. Everything is my original work.
4. I felt it was original, I didnít think anything was cliche about it and I didnít rely on any other piece to come up with the idea.
5. The original piece was taken in a room with only one light, so most items and skin tones were warmer colors, besides Ian and the objects in the direct light. But i added filters and changed the colors so that it had more cool colors like blue. The cooler colors made me happier and I felt like the piece could relate more to my taste in colors if I edited it.
6. The technique used was the color balance adjustment layer to add more cool colors.


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Re: Final Exam: due on day of finals

Post  jackhthomas on Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:59 am

1. This image is a concept for the intro credits for a short film I'm making called "Fountain of Youth." The gas station backdrop is a reference to a scene at the climax of the film (which takes place at a gas station). The flickering, grainy effect and Miles Davis soundtrack is an aesthetic choice. I'm trying to convey a melancholy, film noir-esque mood, setting the tone for the rest of the movie. The flickering golden titles are meant to imitate a flickering sign, another element towards the end of the film. †
2. The entire image is created with a sense of purpose. The background is an actual location in the film, it exists to establish setting and also mood.
3. All the images are mine, however the soundtrack is not.
4. I don't think it relies too much on cliches, it doesn't really require prior cultural knowledge to understand. It's just a mood setter.
5. I graded the background to appear blue, cold. This is the color grading effect that the entire film will have. The gold titles, in addition to imitating a sign, symbolize desire. For many, nostalgia and youth are the ultimate desire.
6. I took the photo with my phone and created all the effects and titles from scratch in After Effects.

1. This piece is the album cover for the soundtrack to my upcoming short film "Fountain of Youth."
2. The photo depicts the overpass to the main road that the protagonist crosses to the gas station. The street lights almost resemble the spouts of a fountain, which is why I like them. The font is the same I used in the previous video, so the meaning and intention are the same.
3. All images are my creative work.
4. The concept doesn't rely too much on cliche, although it does follow sort of a basic album cover format.
5. As I mentioned earlier, the streetlights resemble fountains, so that adds to the theme of the story. The stormy clouds represent the inner turmoil the protagonist faces. The black and gray colors represent the darkness also represent this. The red color burn represents the light pollution given off by the suburban sprawl, which Greg (the main character) sees as a beacon of hope.
6. I photographed the overpass and designed everything else in Photoshop


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Re: Final Exam: due on day of finals

Post  jackhthomas on Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:19 pm

Just so you know, I posted three pieces total. The other one is in the Multimedia Design final.


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Re: Final Exam: due on day of finals

Post  HealyG on Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:35 am


~This piece was made, and used as the 2014-2015 yearbook cover. It is intended to convey the artistic nature of the school, and the creativity. The metaphor and inspiration for this was the roaring Ď20s theater. We look back on the silent films of the day as archaic classics, and one day we will look on at our years here, just as a movie recollects a tale. We will relive our brief moments as a rerun, these long hours compressed down to a time span of a few minutes of memories spared from the erosion of time.

~The background and imagery fills holes in the piece, adds to the color scheme, and adds depth with the use of shadow. By showing the grains of coffee, it shows the long hours spent on art this year, and how when we come together, we are brewed into an enjoyable treat.

~Yes, yes the images are all my own creative work, altered in Photoshop, and made to fit as I wished.

~Our lives as a cinematic record may be a bit clichť, ďmy life flashed before my eyes,Ē however, I believe that I managed to capture the essence of film by putting us in the film, instead of acting as a spectator.

~From font, to graphics, to color choices seen in the silent movies of the time, this imagery speaks. 1920ís films were black and white, while many works have deteriorated, many have aged to a tan, or brown colors as the ink fades. As memories become fuzzy, this analogous color scheme will set the mood for glimpse of a simpler time.

~I used Photoshop, lighting skills, the skill of diligence, and crinkling paper.


~This image is supposed to represent the dismal tones of everyday life, and no matter how much time or effort is spent working on something, it can still crumble.

~The positioning of the camera is supposed to invoke a sense of how small we all are, how daunting a building can be.

~Yes, the image is my own creative work.

~I believe that my photography is very original, from a perspective which makes you think, to the composition of the colors.

~The color scheme is monochromatic, the cool blue colors adding to the sense of chill which bites us in the winter.

~I used ISO, positioning, and blending mode techniques to achieve this final result.



~This image is intended to convey how fast time flies. In September, summer feels like it was forty years ago, even though it can be at most forty days. By the time June rolls around again, youíre left feeling like you could sum your yearís story in the span of forty minutes.

~The composition is known as ďlomo,Ē or retro photography. By adding off colors and adjustment layers, I am able to make this recent photo look as though it was taken in the late 1960ís. By waiting for a time when less people were on the beach, I am able to further this effect because thereís no time distinguishing factor.

~Everything is my own creative work.

~The concept of taking a relatively new picture, and making look old is hardly new, but it was my own creative design and ideas on how to further the retro look. So yes, this was a work of original creativity, and a test to see how well I could use adjustment layers.

~The colors are off to set the lomo look. As old Kodachrome pictures aged, their colors shifted and reds became more prominent. To copy this effect I added more shadows, and added spots of color where it was needed.

~Camera lighting skills, HDR, layer adjustment, color shifting, painting, isolation, layer merging, ect.

Like a Star @ heaven On a side note, I have spent diligent hours working on these pieces at school, and long hours working on these at home to to meet deadlines. 7.0 cannot compare. I had some Flash animations that I have been working on, including a scrolling based game, but I felt that I should wait and upload the finished versions when I can.

Have a great summer everyone!

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Re: Final Exam: due on day of finals

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