Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

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Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:23 am

Create a set of weekly goals for yourself. Each week, there should be a measurable definable goal.

For example: "I will take 5 photos" is measurable. ("I will take photos" is not.)  Make sure you include some work that can be done during studio time each week.

Project Management skills - being able to break a large complex project into smaller steps.

Grading - 2 points possible
1 point for setting weekly goals
1 point for making the goals measurable

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Re: Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

Post  HealyG on Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:31 am

Weekly Update Chart
Classes end on the 25th of January

Week One – September 8th -11th, start year, get topic, check.

Week Two – September 14th – 18th. Select topic, “Motion of People;” and acquire photos as the weeks progress. Take some water shots, over, and above. I will use my own clear glass.

Week Three- September 21st is picture day, I shall get some pictures of people as they go about their lives, hopefully outside of school. Any pictures I cannot use I will turn over to yearbook. From the 22nd to 25th I will edit photos, and plan a photo shoot in Detroit for the weekend. My subject will be street photography.  

Week Four – The 28th of September, design cover for book publisher, stay within guidelines of 8.5 x 11 inches.

Week Five to Six – The 5th – 16th of October I shall use to capture some motion photography. As the days will begin to become shorter, it is a perfect time to capture the movements of light. This shall use long exposure on cars, people, bikes, and more.

Week Seven – 19th -23rd Review photos, edit if I have not already, work on some graphic art to change it up a bit. Choose publisher for hardcover book. (Between, and Amazon)

Week Eight – 26th – 30th Get supplies for aerial photography, test it out. Buy the apps. Assemble the phone sky-fishing device.

Week Nine – The 2nd – 6th of November, the end of first quarter. Review images, pinpoint areas where some parts of the collection are lacking, edit the pictures which need tweaking from Halloween photo shoot.

Week Ten – 9th – 13th, collect the objects needed for aerial photography, take pictures as the week progresses, if the weather does not allow it, I will work on graphics and editing.

Week Eleven to Twelve – 13th – 27th Review all photos, edit where needed, and assemble about forty of the best.
Week Thirteen - 30th of November the Fourth of December – Start designing a cover for print book, get in touch with self-publishers, have the twenty five to fifty dollars, think about e-books as well.

Week Fourteen – 7th – 11th, finish book cover, assemble the book. Check for any typos, margin size errors, or any unpleasing arrangements.

Week Fifteen – 14th – 18th, send book out. This allows about one month for shipping and processing. Look for places to hold a print art show; I can tie this in with my 2D art Senior Project. Contact coffee shop/restaurant.

Week Sixteen – 21st – 22nd, Winter break starts on the 23rd, get items together for show, and make cards.

Week Seventeen – January 4th – 7th, finish art show, hopefully get book.

Week Eighteen – 11th – 15th, collect pictures from art show, resent book, print out any extra photos not present in the show. The show will most likely be held at a park, coffee shop, or restaurant, or inside the school in a co-op with Jack Thomas. If held in a park, I will organize it with the city/owner, and make some arrangements because it will be cold in the middle of winter.

Week Nineteen – 18th to 27th, last week of senior project, get items out of the classroom, and my work off the hard drive. Make last post in forum. ;-; {I will haunt the school forums.}

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Re: Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

Post  jackhthomas on Thu Sep 17, 2015 2:38 pm

Note: The gallery’s first show will be December 18, 2015 in conjunction with the winter art show. It will not be totally open to the public, just the show’s attendees. The second will be sometime in January, with Healy Grant’s photography series being the main showcase. It will hopefully take place at a Starbucks in Grosse Pointe. It will be open to the public. If all goes well, I want to try to have one gallery a month occurring in either the Hangout or various other possible locations (Fraser Library, MOCAD, etc.) All of these galleries will be open to the public.

Week One – September 8th -11th: Write project proposal.

Week Two – September 14th – 18th: Finish at least half of email I will send to staff in order to pitch my idea.

Week Three - September 21st-26th: Finish/send email. Come up with list of everything I will need. On the weekend, go to Starbucks with Healy to see if they will host our show in January.

Week Four - September 28th-October 2nd: Talk to Dr. Mitchell about the logistics of the store aspect. Create art submission form.

Week Five - 5th – 10th of October: Create flyer/motion graphics advertisement. Also tell Alyssa to mention it during the announcements.

Week Six - 12th-16th October: Hang flyers around school, get advertisement running in TVs. Organize submissions. Come up with job descriptions for gallery facilitators.

Week Seven –19th-23rd October: Continue to take submissions. Look for materials (refer to list from week three) Look for gallery facilitators.

Week Eight – 26th – 30th: Continue to take submissions. Look for materials. Look for gallery facilitators.

Week Nine – The 2nd – 6th of November: Continue to take submissions. Look for materials. Friday, November 6th is the deadline for facilitators.

Week Ten: November 9th – 13th: Continue to take submissions. Look for materials. Figure out job assignments for facilitators. Prepare presentation for training day on November 24th (it will just be a write up of what we’ll go over).

Week Eleven: November 16th-20th: Continue to take submissions. Look for materials. Inform facilitators of their given positions and give job descriptions. Inform them of training day, November 24th. Finish preparing presentation for training day.

Twelve – November 23rd-27th Continue to take submissions. Look for materials. Run training day on the 24th.

Week Thirteen - November 30th - December 4th: Continue to take submissions. Look for materials. December 1st is my personal deadline for getting all the materials together for the gallery. Begin to work on flyer/motion graphic advertisement for January gallery.

Week Fourteen – 7th – 11th: Gather submissions. December 11th is the final deadline for gallery submissions. Finish up flyer/motion graphic advertisement for January gallery. Create layout for gallery.

Week Fifteen – 14th – 18th: Finish gathering submissions. Have December gallery!

Week Sixteen – 21st – 22nd: Try to get motion graphic ad for January show up and running on school TVs. Over break, try to put up promotional flyers around metro Detroit area.

Week Seventeen – January 4th – 7th: Have a debrief session with facilitators Tuesday, January 5th. Make sure everyone can do the January gallery.

Week Eighteen – 11th – 15th: Plan layout of January gallery, as well as job descriptions. Give this info to facilitators.

Week Nineteen – 18th to 27th: January gallery!


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Re: Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

Post  AaliyahH on Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:28 pm

Weekly Update Chart:

Week one: Come up with project topic

Week Two, September 14th - 18th: Choose topic, Start thinking of concepts for each month of my calendar.

Week three, September 21st: Start taking photos outside and at different places.

Week Four, September 28th: Take 3 more pictures outside but at different places and scenes, I should have a total of 6 pictures by this date.

Week Five, October 5th: Take more pictures, and start editing them in Photoshop, by this date i should have a total of 10 pictures.

Week Six, October 12th: Take more pictures, and start editing them in Photoshop, by this date i should have a total of 15 pictures.

Week Seven, October 19th: Decide what company I want for my calendar.

Week Eight, October 26th: Continue to take and create the last of the photos for my calendar, by this date I should have a total of 20 photos.

Week Nine, November 2nd: Start picking and deciding what 12 photos I want to use for my calendar out of the 20 I have took.

Week Ten, November 7th - November 15th: Make sure pages and photos are put together properly.

Week Eleven, November 15th - 21st: Start designing the cover.

Week Twelve, November 23rd: Finish the cover, make sure everything is right and complete.

Week Thirteen, November 30th: Continue to make sure everything is complete, and in the right order. When I feel like everything is ready I will order the calendar.


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weekly goals

Post  stormb on Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:52 am

My goal is to have 2 poems and photos for each poem at the end of every week
The poem and pictures edited and ready for final drafting


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Re: Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

Post  WilliamVA on Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:01 pm

Week Three – September 26th: Start taking new pictures for the last pages of my portfolio. At least 10 pictures should be taken by the end of the week.

Week Four - October 2nd: Edit and work on the 10 (or more) pictures taken previously and make sure your last pieces are really representing your best work.

Week Five – October 9th: Start picture placement for portfolio book. Make sure the placement and layout is complete for the first page.

Week Six – October 16th: Get the ordering and printing information down and ready. Look into companies and stores that print books.

Week Seven – October 23rd: More page layouts and start collecting past work.

Week Eight – October 30th: More collection of past work, making sure they are the right size that they will look nice printed.

Week Nine - November 6th: Page placement and pictures for the next 3 pages should be complete by now. Make them look nice and don't crowd. Make sure the layout is consistent for each two page spread.

Week Ten - November 13th: Page placement and pictures for the next 3 pages should be complete by now. If not, work over the weekend to get them done.

Week Eleven - November 20th: Collect last amounts of the pictures and place them in the book. Placement should be professional and neat.

Week Twelve – November 27th: Start working on cover collage, make sure that one third is done.

Week Thirteen - December 4th:  Continue on cover. Two thirds need to be done by then. This is a large a time consuming part so make sure you use time wisely so you don't get behind.

Week Fourteen – December 11th: See if the amount of pictures you have will fit a full portfolio book. Work more on placement and design. MAKE IT LOOK NICE. THIS IS YOUR SENIOR PROJECT. BY the end of the week every photo should be gathered and each photo should be in a neat and organized computer folder.

Week Fifteen – December 18th: Work more on not only cover design but page design. Make the borders and added designs look nice.

Week Sixteen – December 22nd (Short Week): Finish up with border and page background design.

Week Seventeen – January 7th: Work on back cover collage. Have all NEW pictures taken from this semester to finish up the book. Showing your progress.

Week Eighteen – January 15th: Make finishing touches and make sure the layout is neat and clean. Make sure each picture is the correct resolution. Order book.

Week Nineteen – 27th: I mean, congratulations.

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Re: Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

Post  tannerj on Fri Sep 25, 2015 12:39 pm

Week One - September 8th: Write a proposal.
Week Two - September 14th: Take pictures for my album cover.
Week Three - September 21st: Taking pictures with Clinton and Brandon for mixtape advertisements.
Week Four - September 28th: Start writing songs for the album and work on the album cover art.
Week Five - October 5th: This is the week I’m gonna get materials I need.
Week Six - October 12th: I'm gonna talk to Clinton and see when it's convenient to start recording.
Week Seven - October 19th: Possible recording time, but I have no clue yet. If not it’ll just be another week of working on album related things.
Week Eight - October 26th: By this time we should have beats made for the mixtape
Week Nine - November 2nd: By this time most beats should be finalized
Week Ten - November 9th: Studio recording time this week
Week Eleven - November 16th: I should have at least a song done by the end of this week.
Week Twelve - November 23rd: At least another song should be done or at least close
Week Thirteen - November 30th: Goal is to use this week to reconcile with Clinton and see what progress we both have and go from there.
Week Fourteen - December 7th: Album cover should be completely done so I don’t have to worry about that/
Week Fifteen - December 14th: Work on my third song, I don’t know if it’ll all be done, but I’ll try
Week Sixteen - December 21st: Continue on 3rd song and start 4th song.
Week Seventeen - December 28th: Fourth song done.
Week Eighteen - January 4th: Get to the 5th song and I should be almost done
Week Nineteen - January 11th: Burn songs onto CD and get my album cover on the CD case


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Re: Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:08 am

Grades are in for this.

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Re: Assignment 2: Weekly goals due Friday 9/18

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