Assignment 08: Adjustment Layers - curves due 9/29

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Assignment 08: Adjustment Layers - curves due 9/29

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:10 am

1. Find a photo online of someone with yellowed teeth.
2. Add an adjustment layer with CURVES to the photo.
3. Adjust the RGB tones to whiten the teeth.
4. Mask out the effects of the layer over the rest of the face, leaving it the original skin color.

Because we don't have rights to republish these images online, I'll be checking them on your computer. I will want to see the layers, so I will want to see the photoshop file (not a jpg, which flattens all the layers into one).

Practice with adjustment layers
Understanding what RGB refers to
Intro to how color mixing works with light, vs. mixing with paints.

grading: 2 points

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