Project for Friday, Dec 16: Quick Mask Mode

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Project for Friday, Dec 16: Quick Mask Mode

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:29 pm

Some of you have experimented with the quick mask mode before and for some of you this will be new. You can pair together to work through this if you get stuck. Basically, it's a way to "paint" a selection instead of using the lasso tool or the magic wand to select an area. The area that you paint turns into a selection when you jump back to the regular mode. There are some directions here:

If you can get the hang of that, then try saving the selection (select > save). Deselect it, then if you close the file and want to get to that same selection another day, you can find it in the channels palette, and go back to select > load selection.

Need more? Try using a clipping path next - this will also make selections for you, but the selection will be made with the pen tool. There are pretty good directions here: - in step 3 you may run into problems. When they say "Then select on Shape 1 Vector Mask path" they mean you should double click it in the paths palette.

If you have all that down and still have extra class time, try creating a collage using masks and clipping paths.

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