Yearbook Announcement

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Yearbook Announcement

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:13 am

Yearbook information:

We will be using the same yearbook publisher as last year ( To register on the website, you must use the email registration link sent by Ms. Mantey (from to get linked into the AAW yearbook properly. If you need a new invitation, please see or email Ms. Mantey with your full name. If you are a parent, also include your student's names so your accounts are linked. Once you log into the site, you have the option to upload photos and lay them out in a 2 page spread that will print only in your copy of the yearbook. This is a great way to ensure that pictures of you and your friends are included in your yearbook. You could also include photos of your artwork or performances. The first two pages are included at no additional charge, additional custom pages can be purchased for a small fee.

Seniors who wish to use a photo other than the standard school photo for the yearbook need to turn them in to Mrs. Mantey, room 111, or put them in her mailbox by Friday March 1st. If they are not received by March 1st, the school photo will be used. Photos should be wallet sized (approximately 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall). Senior photos are subject to administrative approval. If you are emailing the photo, the resolution should be 300 dpi.

Once we finalize the number of pages we will send out an announcement with a final cost and purchasing deadlines. We anticipate the charge will be about $35-$40.

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AAW Multimedia Dept.

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