Final Exam

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Final Exam

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:31 pm

Email this to me at Use text right in the email itself so there's no risk of me not being able to open the attachment.

Pretend you are going to be the yearbook adviser next year. Based on your experiences this year (and other years if you've been on a yearbook staff at other schools), what would you do the same as we did this year? What would you do differently? You may want to address page layouts, categories we include, how we identify and assign specific tasks, etc.

These answers need to be in the form of constructive criticism. "Don't use bad photos" for example, is not constructive criticism. You should think in terms of improvements or changes you'd like to see and how you would implement them.


5 points for what you would do the same.
5 points for what you would do differently.

1 point deduction for each NONconstructive criticism you include. I know we all may have some, but this final exam is not the place for them.


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