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Assignment 19: Takes due Jan 29

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Assignment 19: Takes due Jan 29 Empty Assignment 19: Takes due Jan 29

Post  Admin Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:10 pm

Assignment 19: Takes

Using flash, create a "take" that shows a character reacting to something. The file should include at least five drawings, one with the original emotion, one with the final emotion, and three that bridge the movement between your start and end point.

Export your files as a swf file for me - File > export > movie, switch the file type to swf and the file name to yourname19.swf (for example, mine would be named audrey19.swf).

Save them to audrey's classes > multimedia design 2015.

Grading: 3 points possible
1 point: creating of start and ending drawings
1 point: 3 intermediate drawings
1 point: clear (identifiable) different expressions at start and end point

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