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Assignment 24: Lip Syncing due 3/13

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Assignment 24: Lip Syncing due 3/13 Empty Assignment 24: Lip Syncing due 3/13

Post  Admin Fri Mar 13, 2015 2:07 pm

Create an animation of a character speaking at least 5 words. Draw different mouth positions for the mouth shapes you need. You can reuse these mouths as needed.

Import audio to the file. Set the audio to stream instead of event. (Reason: Event sounds won't begin playing until they are completely downloaded; streaming sounds begin playing as soon as there's enough data to play for the first few frames and their timing is synched with the timeline, which is important for this project.)

Export as a swf file and save to Audrey's classes.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding how to time key frames with audio
Understanding how to use assets (drawings or symbols) multiple times within a file, instead of making new drawings for repeating events.

Grading: 4 points possible

2 points: convincing timing
2 points: reusing mouth shapes

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