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Senior T-Shirts

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Senior T-Shirts Empty Senior T-Shirts

Post  HealyG Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:19 pm

Please if you are a senior, and have access to post on this forum, send me a high quality picture of your face with your hair and/or glasses in the best condition possible. I am designing the senior tshirt, and need more pictures to continue. Any feedback is welcome, thank you.

Senior T-Shirts Untitl10

These are all the outlines I currently have, if you want me to have more time, and for yourself to have the best shot, please respond.

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Senior T-Shirts Empty Re: Senior T-Shirts

Post  HealyG Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:40 pm

Update. 41 students completed, 15 to go. If you have a picture to send, please, send it here, my phone is disabled.

Senior T-Shirts Untitl10

List of Students:

1. Cassidy Mace
2. Bree Salvatore
3. Shawna Zelmer
4. Nicole Mazer
5. Clinton Harris
6. Jeffery Xhu
7. Jack Thomas
8. Lucus Martin
9. Miles Kemp
10. Logan Romero
11. Megan Strong
12. Stephen Evans
13. Shannon Podkowa
14. Shannon Stillwell
15. Mathew Dantes
16. Lyra Le Claire
17. Cheyenne Bulinda
18. Rachel Draska
19. Jade Rhodes
20. Cheryl Stahll
21. Allison Leach
22. Skylar Bisel
23. Domonique Bates
24. Brooke Hill
25. Cassidy Spurr
26. Khayla Mosely
27. Mikayela Hargrove
28. Sabrina Schenk
29. Lauren Lang
30. Andrew Impullitti
31. William Newman
32. Blake Manuel
33. Aliyah Hepburn
34. Joseph Dyzeul
35. Jackie Falbo
36. Jordan Winters
37. Natalie Swantec
38. Josh Staples-Culbreath
39. Brianna Boyd
40. Healy Grant
41. Tommie Hill

Students I NEED:

1. Monet Biggs
2. Storm Bolding
3. Domonique Bonds
4. Fatness
5. Gavin Ciesielski
6. Dennard, Domonique
7. Dumas, Evan (Last day was Friday)
8. Kaminski, Sloan
9. Krstevski, Natasa
10. Lancaster, Chelsea
11. Parak, Felicia
12. Pittman, Shacai
13. Schultz, Daniel
14. Shaffer, Alyssa
15. Vede-Aldridge, Roberto

Posts : 230
Join date : 2012-09-05
Age : 23
Location : Somewhere in my mind...

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