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video editing tips for sony vegas

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video editing tips for sony vegas Empty video editing tips for sony vegas

Post  Admin Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:46 pm

It's been a while since we used this software, so here are some refresher tips:

To get a video into Sony:

1. Copy the video from the DVD to your hard drive.
2. You should see the file extension(s) as filename.VOB
3. Rename the file to filename.mpg
4. Open Sony, go to file > import media and select the mpg.
5. This should place a thumbnail of the video on your screen. Drag that down to your timeline to begin editing.
6. When you are done editing and the videos are uploaded to youtube - and EVERYTHING is final, delete the original video off the hard drive so it doesn't fill up.

To trim a video:
1. Move your timeline controller to the spot where you want to cut the video.
2. Hit "S" on the keyboard to split the tape.
3. You can now select (highlight) one part of the video and hit delete on the keyboard to remove it.

To fade in from or out to black:
1. Insert a video envelope. (insert > video envelope > track composite level) If you can't select this option (it's grayed out) click once in the video track and try again. If you have video and audio selected, it won't work.
2. Along the top edge of the video track in the timeline, you will find a blue line that you can grab and move up or down.
3. If the line is all the way at the top, opacity is 100%. If it's at the bottom, the video is blacked out (or transparent if you are overlaying one video on another).
4. Double click on the blue line to add event points. Try dragging the blue composite line all the way down, then double click on the line about 1 or 2 seconds into the video, and drag that point up to the top. That will fade from black to visible. (Reverse at end of video to fade out.)

To adjust brightness and contrast:

1. Right click on the video portion of the timeline.
2. Select video event FX
3. In the window that pops up, you can add event markers. Drag the time line in that popup window to the spot you want to adjust, double click on the time line in that popup window. You should see a diamond appear. You can add multiple events. For a lot of what we do, we just need one diamond at the start of the timeline, and then brightness might be increased at one level for the entire video.
4. Adjust the brightness and contrast. It will stay at the new level to the end of the video unless you add a new marker and adjust it at a different point.

Cropping and panning:

1. Right click on the video track.
2. Select event pan/crop.
3. You should see a big square with an F in it. Drag to resize to the part of the video you want to crop to.
4. You can pan (follow someone around the stage) by clicking a point in the timeline of the popup window to create an event marker (a diamond). Set the pan/crop position where you want it. Set your next point in the timeline and reposition your pan/crop square. As the video plays, it will glide smoothly from one position to the next.

To export the video for youtube:

1. First, save your project. (File > save)
2. Then render the movie. Go to file > render as
3. Change the file type to mpg (mpg 1 or 2 should work, try 2 first.)
4. Hit save. It will take a long time to render.

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